Short-Term Application

ES4M Short-Term Application Form

Your answers to the following questions will help ES4M evaluate and determines your participation in a short-term mission. Prompt submission of your application is requested by the deadline date – all applications not received by that date will not qualify. Complete all sections to the best of your ability.

If not filled out online, please return your completed application to:

Equipping Saints For Ministry
P.O. Box 6409
Fargo, ND 58109-6409

Short Term Missions (STM) Information:
All missions tend to take 10-14 days, and cost between $2,500 & $3,500. We work along side local ministry partners as well as other missions organizations. In some cases, you may be required to submit an application to their organization as well.


  • Contact and Travel Information

  • If you do not have a passport yet, just enter 0's
  • If you do not yet have a passport just enter today's date
  • USA, Canda, etc.
  • Faith and Practice

    Please answer to the best of your ability the following questions regarding your relationship with Christ and the local church.
  • Share how you came to faith and how your walk has been since.
  • Identify the church name, any roles you have there, and any studies you have been involved in.
  • Share what led you to consider joining a team
  • Do you agree to abstain from all alcohol and tobacco use during your short-term mission with ES4M?