Mission : Morocco – Nigeria 2013

In December of 2011, ES4M in partnership with Climbing for Christ traveled to Northern Nigeria to witness to unreached mountain people and provide critical theological training to pastors.

Nigeria is the 13th most persecuted Christian country according to the World Watch List. Here is what Open Doors USA has to say:

Persecution of Christians is driven by Islamic extremists. In the Sharia states of the north,there have been many attacks on churches and Christian communities in which believers were wounded or killed. In the last year, an estimated total of 1,000 Christians died through persecution. About 5 million Christians are believed to be under intense pressure as a result of their faith. The Boko Haram sect (an Islamic extremist group) has become a serious threat. From 2009 to date they have destroyed over 50 churches and killed approximately 10 pastors.

There are more than 70 million people living in Nigeria and less than half of them are Christians (27 million estimated believers). ES4M seeks to provide theological training for the purpose of advancing the gospel amongst the 40+ million people who do not know Jesus Christ.

This mission is being led by Climbing for Christ. For more updated information check here.


Date: March/April (TBA), 2013. Length of mission: 14 days. Team size:  4-6 members. Ministry Partner: Climbing for Christ

Purpose: To deliver the Gospel to Koma people living unreached in the Atlantika Mountains. CLICK HERE to view our videotape, “The Koma People of Nigeria.” The Climbing For Christ team also will be teaching at a second missions and leadership conference and celebrating the anniversary of the C4C-supported church that is pastored by Chris Joseph.

Cost: TBA.

How to apply: E-mail [email protected] to request a mission application. All applications must be submitted to Climbing for Christ for approval.